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Based in the heart of the business district at the port city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, Al Faida World Modern Est. is a major importer and whole-seller in the kingdom from all across the far east especially China. Its main products are various types of exquisite and beautiful arts & crafts ceramics, decoration ceramics & Polyresin, daily use ceramics, daily house hold articles and other accessory products that sell well in the Middle- East region.,    more...

Al Faida increased its outlets to all major cities in the Middle East and in the Kingdom. In order to keep in pace with the changing trends in the market, Al Faida has developed its own brand name, Lilian, Uni Home and Oko.

We procure right products from allover the world, especially from the China. Quality, durability and

Our Products
 ◊ Ceramic-Polyresin   ◊ Gift Items
 ◊ Trees & Plants   ◊ Candles
 ◊ Florist Supplies   ◊ Artificial Flowers
 ◊ Decoration Items   ◊ Kitchen Ware
 ◊ Home Ware   ◊ Sanitary Ware
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Al-Fa'ida World
Franchisees welcomed:
Our company is closely keeping up with the time and pace with its new appearance, setting out better products and thoughtful service in the international market. We sincerely welcome you to become a part of the fast-growing Al Faida family.
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